An uneducated child is like a bird with no wing. Today the challenge for the next generation of Malaysian students is no longer local, it is global Many years ago when I first returned overseas from my studies, I was grateful that I could apply what I learn in Malaysia. However this generation cannot learn from there and just apply here. To succeed, they must create and apply new knowledge; otherwise we will always follow and never lead.

PORTMAN College Collaborates with Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

We are pleased to announce that PORTMAN College and the Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) have recently signed a MOU on academic collaboration to provide a diploma-to-degree pathway for PORTMAN students. With this agreement, PORTMAN diploma graduates can now articulate directly into the second year of IUKL’s 3-year degree ...

Millionaire Business School



Blood Donation Campaign by PORTMAN LEO Club

Blood Donation Campaign by PORTMAN LEO Club

22nd April 2016 - LEO Club has organized a Blood Donation Campaign on 22nd of April 2016 at Townhall Read More

(5th May 2016) - PORTMAN Career Fair 2016

(5th May 2016) - PORTMAN Career Fair 2016

Hello everyone, if your company is looking for well trained talents with great attitude developed by Read More

Leadership Workshop at SMK Cheras Jaya

Leadership Workshop at SMK Cheras Jaya

23rd April 2016 - PORTMAN team had a very wonderful time with students of SMK Cheras Jaya in Leaders Read More

#TGIP from Organizational Behaviour's students

#TGIP from Organizational Behaviour's students

23rd April 2016 - Students from Organizational Behaviour class has designed the #TGIP event especial Read More

Portman’s Advantages

The Millionaire Business Club is EXCLUSIVE to all registered PORTMAN students. This is the only business Club in Malaysia that teaches students on financial education that include; Business Investment, Business Management, Paper Assets Investment, Real estate Investment & Commodities Investment while they are still in college. The Business Club organises regular seminars, talks, round table discusions and conferences that showcase entrepreneurs, financial & business experts from various industries.

PORTMAN Business TV is the college's very own appointed business edutainment station. Its is a joint collaboration between PORTMAN College and that focuses on providing current, relevant and market driven content that educate, entertain and inspire business students, sme business owners, entrepreneurs, chief executives and those with an interest in business management.


I am grateful for what I have become and achieved due to great education that I have had the opportunity to partake. With that, I feel a profound sense of responsibility to educate highly competent business leaders to make a diference in the world through transformational educational experiences. I recognize that we are at a unique moment in time, and I am excited by the challenges that lie ahead.

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10 Ultimate Tips for Confidence by Ernie Chen

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